Welcome to The Thames Path Project

Hi! My name is Andy Bleach and I live in Middlesex, England. Some time around 10 years ago, a thought popped into my head that it would be an interesting experience to walk the entire length of the Thames Path National Trail, which runs from the source at Thames Head in Gloucestershire to the Thames Barrier at Woolwich. Without doing anything specific to encourage it, the idea somehow matured into an ambition.

It would take 10 days or more to complete the 180 miles in one go but unfortunately, due to the constraints of establishing and running my business, ABCoS IT Ltd, I have always considered the ambition to be one I would achieve later in life. Towards the end of Summer 2002, the now rather obvious thought occured to me that it could be done as a series of weekend walks and the idea of the Thames Path Project was born. This site is the story of that project.

Click here to begin your own voyage of discovery or use the navigation line at the top of the page. When you have had a look at the site please feel free to sign the visitors book.

Andy Bleach
October 2002

Short update:
Many have probably given up wondering if the Thames Path Project will ever get finished (currently stuck just beyond Oxford) but I will do it! Maybe September this year, if I can find a weekend of suitable weather. I also have the basics of a re-designed site in the wings with lots of exciting (and more modern!) features, so once you've browsed around and signed the visitors log please bookmark and return later in the year.

If you've visited before and already signed the log - thanks very much. I enjoy reading about your experiences. Please feel free to come back and let me know how you're getting on with your walking adventures.

Andy Bleach
August 2009